A Networking Knight
A Night To Connect

APRIL 18, 2018




About NUSM460


Each spring semester the sport management senior associates are brought together for one class that is considered a workplace rather than any other class. Students are referred as associates and are able to display the key qualities that they have learned throughout the past three years at Neumann University in their individual job positions. Each position is utilized to help strive towards our sports networking event where professionals in the industry come out for a night of connecting. The event is a major aspect of our senior seminar. However, it's also about how we come together as colleagues throughout the semester to put on a memorable experience for all attending. In between the event, there are different fundraisers to keep the next senior associates equipped for next year’s event. Overall, our goal is to connect individuals within the industry, as well as individuals trying to break into the industry. Get ready for this year’s Neumann University’s Networking Event: A night to connect A Networking Knight, on April 18th. We hope to see you there!

Mission Statement

Neumann University strives to be a teaching university of distinction, providing innovative, transformational education in the Catholic Franciscan tradition. Neumann RISES on the core values of Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship and lives the actions which these values inspire. Neumann’s curriculum promotes thoughtful and ethical leadership in service and response to a global and technologically complex world. Therefore, all NUSM 460 Associates should follow the same vision associated with Neumann University.


Neumann University educates a diverse community of learners based upon the belief that knowledge is a gift to be shared in the service of others and that learning is a lifelong process. This is the mission statement that the staff of NUSM 460 Associates will abide by.

What NU SM 460 Is All About
NU SM 460

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